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Welcome to Northside Dental Care in Bellingham, WA

Located in Bellingham, WA, Northside Dental Care has been at the forefront of emerging dental technologies, clinical excellence, and cosmetic artistry for nearly 20 years. Our philosophy is that each and every patient should have the best possible care, and we believe that we should provide each of those patients an exceptional dental experience while receiving this care. Dr. Eric McRory and our team are passionate about creating the most positive experience possible for each and every patient. That’s what makes Northside Dental Care “an exceptional dental experience”.

Our Vision

  • We reserve plenty of time for our patients so we can carefully listen to and understand their concerns. By spending the time to listen to each of our patients, we are able tailor each appointment to satisfy each patient’s unique needs.
  • We have a state-of-the-art facility which helps to provide a comfortable environment in which we can deliver the highest quality care.
  • We believe that having an exceptional experience will bring those patients back time and again, ultimately leading to better oral health and the recommendation of our services to others who may appreciate the same great care.

Our Treatment

From routine cleanings to advanced reconstructive dentistry, at Northside Dental Care, you can be confident you’re receiving the most modern, effective dental care available. What’s more, you can be confident in your healthy, beautiful smile!

During your first visit, we’ll get a clear understanding of your needs and can answer any questions before you’re in the dentist’s chair. Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, we take the time to make sure you’re comfortable! Contact our Bellingham dental office to schedule your appointment today!

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